Friday, 1 January 2016

Planets indicate Diseases in human body and on planet earth

Planets indicate Diseases in human body and on planet earth
Diseases indicated by weak position of the planets in the birth chart !!

Sun - blindness , bones related issues , calcium, and sunlight gives vitamin d essential for bones

Also, look at condition of the 5th house since its natural ruler of 5th zodiac the 5th sign

Moon - mind related symptoms

Ruler of 4 the zodiacs and hence look at the condition of the 4 the house
Also, chest area and lungs issues are seen through the moon

Mars - blood-related issue , high blood pressure , bone marrow , blood cells

Natural ruler of 1st and 8th house , hence look at the condition of 1 at and 8th house
Ketu acts like Mars hence similar diseases.

Venus - sexual diseases , diabetes , eye problems , eyesight along Wid planet sun.

Pancreas and secretion of insulin

Natural ruler of 2nd and 7th house hence check the condition of these houses as well before taking any decision

Jupiter - throat , liver .

Natural rulership of 9th and 12th house

Saturn,also known as old wise man in Vedic astrology
Old age issues , legs , leprosy,ulcer , poison, and cancer .

Natural ruler of 10 to and 11 the house
Rahu acts like Saturn hence similar diseases.

Astrology chart can indicate the diseases but we as humans and top of the creation must meditate on gods name and get godly strength to deal with the health related issues

And medical science research has made a lot of medical treatments to deal with this issue .
Prevention is better than cure.

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