Thursday, 14 January 2016

Parivartan yoga

Parivartan yoga in astrology

Exchange of planets 

One of the most commonly seen "yog" or combination in astrology chart or a Lagna. Chart ( divisional chart ) 

General example : 

Let's say there are three apartments in d building 

Apartment 1 owner of apartment 1 is mr a 

Apartment 2 owner of apartment 2 is Ms b

Apartment c owner of apartment c is Mr c 

Now let's create a scenario where a , b, c are not staying in their own house but exchanging homes 

A in apt 2, b in apt 3 and c in apt 1 

Now because the are exchanging houses , this combination of exchange of houses between two or more planets is called parivartan yoga and it's an interesting yoga because in this condition planets act as a team and work in team and archive good results in most of the cases.

Out of every 5 charts, at least  two charts have parivartan yoga in them , also I look at d9 chart and consider the parivartan yoga for d9 chart as well.

Example in my Friends chart Jupiter is in Aquarius ( owner by Saturn )and Saturn is in Scorpio ( owned by Mars )and Mars is sitting in Sagittarius ( owned by Jupiter )

So all three planets are exchanging house with each other and working as a team to achieve results 

Jupiter considered as advisor , teacher etc

Saturn considered as wise old man,  servant , hard work 

Mars considered as a soldier, aggression power , action-oriented army 

Hard work, and action oriented army man will result in many things like a go getter or a perish who uses wisdom of Jupiter with hard work to achieve a result through aggression of a soldier .. Such individuals can decide upon any goal in life and use above energies to reach the goal. 

Many such parivartan yoga's are possible. Through 7 major planets and two nodes of moon Rahu and Ketu as per permutation and combination.

Love light and blessings !!!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Almighty God is the ultimate King !!

Hi everyone, 

I give predictions through astrology and blessings of my grandparents, and most of the predictions are going accurate but does it mean I can surpass god and gods presence.

astrology is my personal research and passion for me , I do it as a tool for guidance and predictions. Recently I got intuitions about new individuals through my existing clients by seeing their charts regarding important things in their life and personal relationships and child births in their chart.

But I know the fact that its god's grace that I have this opportunity to look into individual birth charts and their palms and advice about their life path. its beautiful journey towards god and self-realisation.

With the use of astrology, i can only say that god has been too kind and merciful and has helped me learn astrology and helped me predict through intuitions and my grandparents and spirit guides who help me with intuitions to predict events in an individual's life.

I love dearest almighty even more and I am thankful for the kind gift of astrology, numerology, palmistry. God is all knowing and we use astrology as a tool to decode life path.

I completely feel personal that supreme god is one infinite kind, compassionate and generous to all beings.

Love Light & Blessings.

Friday, 1 January 2016


Gemini Astrology

                              NAVANSHA ( D9 ) SHART




                              CHILDREN , CREATIVITY , LOVE , SPECULATION




if mercury holds highest degrees in your lagna chart its called the atmakarka and this atmakarka sits in a sign in the navamsha - d9 chart and that sign is called karkamisha

 another planet is sitting in conjunction with this atmakarka mercury planet in the d9 gives the following effects.

when a planet conjuctions (joins) atmakarka

sun - politics and service.

moon and venus - lot of money , acquiring wealth through education

mars joins atmakarka planet in d9 - person becomes skillful in making medicines
profession related to involvement with fire
"work involves fire " , cooks , chefs , steam engine drivers .

mercury ( merchant )  - good merchants , manufacture , political activities , merchandising , stock market trading shares .

jupiter joins atmakarka , well versed with religious matter , wisdom related to spirituality and religious matters.

venus - person will become political person , will be fond of women , will retain his sexual vitality till 100 years. will be famous in whatever profession he is in.

rahu - person will earn money as a thief , dacoit , or doctor deals in poison , rahu is about poison
con man or manufacture weapons

ketu - will deal or trade in elephants ( symbol of lord Ganesha ) , or he can become a thief.

if sun and rahu together with atmakarka one might die through snake bite or poison.

Enjoy exaltation and phase and overcome the debilitation

sun exalted in aries from 0 to 10 degrees and at 10 degrees deepest exaltation

sun debilitated in libra till 20 degrees of libra

saturn exalted in libra

saturn debilitated in aries

mars exalted in capricorn

mars debilitated in cancer

jup exalted in cancer

jup debilitated in capricorn

moon exalted in taurus

moon debilitated in scorpio

venus exalted in pieces

venus debilitated in virgo

Rashi (Zodiac Sign)Uchcha Graha (Exalted Planet)
1. Maish (Aries)Surya (Sun)
2. Vrish (Taurus)Chandra (Moon)
3. Mithun (Gemini)Rahu (Dragon's head)
4. Kark (Cancer)Guru (Jupiter)
5. Singh (Leo)---
6. Kanya (Virgo)Budh (Mercury)
7. Tula (Libra)Shani (Saturn)
8. Vrishchik (Scorpio)---
9. Dhanu (Sagittarius)Ketu (Dragon's Tail)
10. Makar (Capricorn)Mangal (Mars)
11. Kumbh (Aquarius)---
12. Meen (Pisces)Shukra (Venus

Planets indicate Diseases in human body and on planet earth

Planets indicate Diseases in human body and on planet earth
Diseases indicated by weak position of the planets in the birth chart !!

Sun - blindness , bones related issues , calcium, and sunlight gives vitamin d essential for bones

Also, look at condition of the 5th house since its natural ruler of 5th zodiac the 5th sign

Moon - mind related symptoms

Ruler of 4 the zodiacs and hence look at the condition of the 4 the house
Also, chest area and lungs issues are seen through the moon

Mars - blood-related issue , high blood pressure , bone marrow , blood cells

Natural ruler of 1st and 8th house , hence look at the condition of 1 at and 8th house
Ketu acts like Mars hence similar diseases.

Venus - sexual diseases , diabetes , eye problems , eyesight along Wid planet sun.

Pancreas and secretion of insulin

Natural ruler of 2nd and 7th house hence check the condition of these houses as well before taking any decision

Jupiter - throat , liver .

Natural rulership of 9th and 12th house

Saturn,also known as old wise man in Vedic astrology
Old age issues , legs , leprosy,ulcer , poison, and cancer .

Natural ruler of 10 to and 11 the house
Rahu acts like Saturn hence similar diseases.

Astrology chart can indicate the diseases but we as humans and top of the creation must meditate on gods name and get godly strength to deal with the health related issues

And medical science research has made a lot of medical treatments to deal with this issue .
Prevention is better than cure.

Planets and Vastu

South east -fire 

South west - earth 

North east - water 

North west - air 

Center - air space 

Take up a land for example a flat , it must be squarish or rectangular 

Divide it in 9 parts 

Center is the empty space and surrounding 8 boxes are 8 directions 

4 well known directions north , east , south , west 

In between every direction there are sub directions 

Planets and Directions

Planets and directions

Directions indicated by planets 

Sun east direction 

Jupiter north east 

Mercury north

Moon north west

Saturn west 

Mars south 

Venus south east

Rahu south west 

Ketu south east

Directional strengths 

Juliter and Mercury strong in east

sun strong in south 

Mars and Venus strong in north direction