Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Decode your life map

Astrology  - decode the life map and try to find your personal suitability adjust to the map

About Saturn - saturn doesn't deny it only delays and teaches patience to humankind , gives reality test
              slow process

boundaries - shows boundaries

classical text saturn is sorrow , misery , delay , a servant , depression , fear , losses

7 personalities of astrology

Sun -   giver, father , soul quality/ clarity ,  father , heart , RUBY

Moon -  mother emotions, art , soft PEARL

Jupiter -     teacher , philosophy , YELLOW SAPPHIRE

Mars -  soldier , will power , aggression , CORAL

Venus - passion , luxury , women , female , a diamond / OPAL

Saturn - old wise man , servant , delay , court cases , slow down ,  wants to be in the market place in                  the 7th house ( awareness about situation or health ) 9th house faith into god n guru's / 11th                house is recognition , achievement , hopes wishes and goals.

Mercury - young charming prince , multiple ( more than one ) , quickest revolving planet around sun,                  accountant , chartered accountancy , business judgements when exalted






YOUNG CHARMING PRINCE ( ACCOUNTS , CA , QUICK AND WITTY , TWIN ,                                                                                YOUNGERS) ,

SOLDIER                   ( RED/ HOT TEMPERED / RUNS AND GETS THINGS DONE ON                                                        GROUND )  , SERVANTS.


                              WORKOHOLIC  /  DELAY / PATIENCE /  FEAR / BLUE SAPHIRE / FEROZZA ) 



Uranus , pluto , Neptune  suggest temporary events yet an experience in life.

Exaltation - being in a good desirable company ( of people ,or at work , or friends or at home , like                         minded people )

Debilitation - being in undesirable company (  of people ,or at work , or friends or at home ,                                        differences in opinions )

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Hi Everyone ,

One of my friends was quite keen on Salman khans horoscope and yesterday evening he sent me a message saying " hey have you seen Salman khan's horoscope ?" I said no , not really , then I said I am not sure of his exact details like

Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth

He had that information and he passed it to me and immediately I checked out his Lagna chart and started giving my prediction about it.

Here we go,

He is Aries ascendant with his mars in 10th house of Capricorn with venus sitting in the 10th house
He is born in the danish that nakshatra - DHA Nish Tha nakshatra denotes lion-like strength bravery and average height, and strong body type. Overprotective of loved once and family ,friends motivating towards younger once.

Saturn in the 11th house of Aquarius is looking at a 1st house is giving simplicity and capacity of working like a machine and social circles. ( Saturn in own house )

Saturn is sitting with the moon and hence giving its impact on the moon and certain days of a month mind will be occupied by negative thoughts

2nd house has Rahu in Taurus amplifying quality of Taurus and venus being Taurus lord in the 10th house meaning status and prestige through speech and communication and voice modulation and foreign languages.

Diamond is quite suitable for his kind of chart and planetary placements and
he is currently running through Saturn maha data means Feroza ( SKY BLUE ) and Neelam ( purplish blue )  are supportive Neelam is quite a strong gemstone and moon is sitting along with the Saturn so can give negative thoughts but not always since Saturn is in Aquarius its own sign so  its effect won't is extremely bad

3rd house has Jupiter with 3-degree Jupiter , giving him beginners singing qualities
2nd house of Taurus with Rahu amplifies sweetness and charm in the voice quality
10th house has mars and venus together giving most physically attractive personality
mars in 10th house are exalted hence individual with this planetary position will reach the top of his / her game eventually
11th house of social network has Saturn sitting in the own sign of Aquarius.

7th lord Venus is in 10th house hence status gain from all kind of partnerships ( branding , legal partnership on a project, relationships , spouse )

Mars in 10th house denotes status , some people work for status some people only work for money ( all these being personal choices )

Due to exalted mars and workaholic nature, he can win any competition and will be Ahead in ranks in his games.

Popularity and money quotient is added on further with the second lord in 10th house , increase in status and popularity

Few months of a year will keep providing fame and status plus Rahu is looking at the 10th house and amplifying it further with hard work , efforts, and status.

4th lord in 11 the house , blessing of mother coming in through social status, social circle , social media and gains
very emotional mother since cancer is ruling this house

Pluto and Neptune are 5th house are Saturn looking at the 5th house is indicating a break in the study , creativity and relationship.

Till 2021 his personal interest in creativity will enhance further.

After 2021 maha Dasha is changing more prominence in the occult science and mysticism studies and sudden wealth and gains and inheritance and spiritual ability further increasing.

Saturn looking at 8th house is giving long life and interest in learning occult
individual with such horoscope will certainly take interest in occult science

He believes in god and believes in doing regular Pooja and praying to god on regular basis in formal and informal ways ( formal way of Pooja with Aarti and music,visiting temple etc )

His network circle has more of wise men ( older than him or with wise advice ) and good looking women ( charming feminine qualities)

He will eventually want to be with a girl who is balanced and she will like luxuries and younger looking face, and he is searching for a genuine partner in life.

This is my basic and quick analysis on his horoscope.

Personal note he is Amazing and Charismatic person and has creative talent of performing arts , voice , voice modulation and is a brave Man ..  this prediction is completely based on my personal study of astrology and research and observation and when I look at a chart I only concentrate on the chart and nothing against any individual or their career.

Performance art qualities can be seen through 5th house ruled by Leo and 5th lord sitting 5th from itself, also 5th lord is aspected by Saturn from 11th house and has two planets uranious and Neptune.

Also, I have studied about karmic depth and its influences on mankind and individuals the purpose of birth and clearing karmic debt.

God Bless !!
Love Light & Blessings !!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Astrology and Gemstones

Different gemstones signify different planets in astrology

let us say for example in an individuals chart some planet is not well placed so we have to find a way to face the ill effects caused

now in practical life planet won't come and do any harm to us but it will bring the certain situation in life which might be hard for us to tackle in a given moment.

so that feels like an ill effect of the planet

but in reality planet has come to give us a challenge and once we pass the challenge then we grow over the problem and become stronger.

so in real life, no planet is causing harm its just giving us challenge in different ways and we slowly grow over it and this is an evolution process of the soul.

Love Light & Blessings !!


planetary position

planet >> in which house number ( 1 to 12 houses)  >> in which Nakshatra ( 1 to 27) >> who is Nakshatra lord (9 planets)  >> which zodiac sign ( 1 to 12)  >> which zodiac sign lord , birth Nakshatra 

weather planet is in friendly sign or Nakshatra lord is friendly results of such condition will be favourable.

maha dasha ( Grand life time period ) >> antar dasha ( sub time period) >> pratiantar dasha ( sub sub time period) universal unique clock as per natives date of birth , time of birth and place of birth )

current planetary position in sky

freewill , karmas ( destiny and accumulation of actions of past life)

blessing and love from parents, siblings, family, friends, teachers, ancestors.

Love Light & Blessings !!

Universal Clock

Like calendar even entire universe is divided into time period but the difference is  the universal clock is different for all of us

Every one of us is running a clock from the time of birth which was set when we were born

its also called

maha dasha >> antar dasha >> prati antar dasha

Maha dashas is a long term clock system

ket 18 years

ven 20 years

sun 6 years

moon 10 years

mar  7 years

Rahu 18 years

Jup 16 years

sat 19 years

mer 17 years

Antar dasha is the comparatively smaller period of which controls day to day events like work atmosphere or day to day things.

Pratiantar dasha even smaller minute time which indicates the prediction of a day to day activities.

Our souls are immortal but our period of life cycle keeps changing which causes different life events

The soul is eternal and even after finishing human cycle it goes back to the omnipotent and continues journey there.

Love Light & Blessings

looking at each other - Aspects


all planets have aspects also called as Drishty in sanskrit

sun - looks at 7th house from itself

moon - looks at 7th house from itself

jup - looks at 5th 7 th 9 th aspect from itself

ven - looks at 7th aspect from itself

mars - looks at 7th house from itself

sat - looks at 7th house from itself

mer - looks at 7th house from itself

rahu - looks at 5th 7 th 9 th aspect from itself

ketu  - looks at 5th 7 th 9 th aspect from itself

love , light & Blessings !!

Current Transit

Current transit - Present Planetary moment

Current transit has a special meaning

like the present is a present from god similarly current transit is the picture of the sky at present from the earth

right now there is a planetary moment in the sky which is affecting overall events on planet earth

hence , current planetary transit in the sky is affecting events in our life

moon changes sign      every 2.5 days

Lagna house changes    every 2.5 hours

the sun changes sign          every 30 days

mercury changes sign   every 27 days

mars changes house sign every 45 days

venus chances house 23 days to a month

sat chances house every 2.5 years ( also retrogrades so can stay in a sign for even longer) ( teaches patience , clears off karmic depths , gives positive results for positive karma and negative results for negative karma )

The Sun travels about 53 seconds per day and spends approximately 30 days in each sign
The Moon goes through all twelve signs about every 28 days. It spends approximately 2 1/2 days in each sign

It takes Mercury approximately one year to go through all of the twelve signs. Mercury can stay in one sign from about 14 to 30 days, depending on its motion

Venus travels from 0 to 1 degree, 16 minutes a day, depending on its motion, and stays in a sign approximately 23 days to a little over 2 months (Every 8 years it returns to the same degree and over time forms the pentagram—see image)

Mars travels from 0 to one degree, 16 minutes per day depending on its motion, and takes about 2 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in one sign for about 1.5 months

It takes Jupiter about 12 years to go through the 12 signs, staying in one sign an average of one year.

Jupiter travels from 0 to 14 minutes a day depending on whether it is retrograde or in direct motion

Saturn travels from 0 to 8 minutes per day depending on its motion and takes approximately 29 1/2 years to go through all twelve signs, staying in one sign for about 2 1/2 years

Uranus travels from 0 to 4 minutes per day, depending on its motion and it moves through all twelve signs of the Zodiac approximately 84 years, staying in one sign about 7 years

Neptune travels from 0 degrees to 3 minutes per day, depending on its motion. It takes Neptune about 165 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in each one for approximately 14 years

Pluto travels from 0 to three minutes a day and takes approximately 248 years to go through all 12 signs, staying in each one from 14 to 30 years

Birth Nakshatra / Constellations

12 Zodiac signs are divided into approximately 30 degrees each and entire zodiac being 360-degree sphere

12 * 3 = 360 degrees

12 signs have are ruled by 7 ( the sun to mercury ) + 2 planets ( Rahu and Ketu )

zodiac    Planet              characteristics  sign

Aries -    mars -             ( red - fire - commander , police , army , goals , exercise , trainer , force,                                                             letters a , l , c, ch  )

Taurus -  venus -           ( land - female - bullheaded , charming , fame , letter v , ai  )

Gemini - mercury         ( air , dual nature , communication , short travel , letter k , go )

cancer -  the moon             ( feminine , deeply emotional, deep water , soft )

Leo -        the sun                ( fire , regal , loyal , freedom , royal throne )

Virgo -   mercury          ( virgin female, medicine in hand , healer , the analysis in depth , nutrition )

libra -     venus             ( air ,

Scorpio -  mars             ( hidden , deep dark, intuition , 8 the house mine )

Sagittarius - up            ( bow and arrow , fire , education, moving forward

Capricorn -  sat              ( earth , materialism , dark

Aquarius -  saturn         ( air , freedom

Pisces -  Jupiter            ( water , emotions , manifestation , nirvana , other worlds )


12 Zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces are microscopically divided into 27 small units of ( 3 degrees 27 minutes ) for further precision

now 7 planets are placed in a house , in a sign and in a nakshatra and hence the result of 9 planets will be in accordance with the placement of these planets in the 27 nakshatras.

like zodiac signs 27 nakshatras are ruled by one of the 7+2= 9 planets from Ketu to mercury






so a particular planet will give results of
1.the house it's placed in
2.the zodiac it's placed in
3.the nakshatra it's placed in
4.the other planets in conjunction with given planet and other planets aspect ( looking and passing own rays )
5. motion of the planet straight or retrograde

planet ( planet characteristics ) >> planet degree >> inside house number ( every house has characteristics ) >> inside zodiac sign  >>  inside nakshatra  >> nakshatra lord

the final result of a planet depends on above equation plus free will and karma's and blessings

free will is a god gift to mankind represented by the 11th house and further planets in the 11th house and personal determination and individuals personality and influences on his or her mind and their soul and soul choices.

love, light blessings !!

Astrology introduction

astrology & gems

astrology is a permutation and combination of 7 major planets and two nodes of moon , 3 more additional recently discovered planets and 12 signs of the zodiac and 27 constellations also known as nakshatra's and we can further go inside sub lords

7 major planets

all these above planets rotate in the sky in various rotatory motions and these planets have specific rays and colours and metals which are affected by motion of these planets

Now the most interesting part is how these planets affect human life ?

Thats what most interesting to me and thats when i started learning about astrology.


through complete date of birth ( dd/mm/yy ) time and place of birth a chart can be constructed which is then can be used as a life path road map for making predictions.

may god bless all !!
love n light !!

Astrology Change ur life or understand your own life more in depth

Astrology is a tool to understand your road map of life in detail it is not a superstition it's a science of planets start and zodiac signs

Astrology can be used to understand the time of auspicious events or inauspicious events.

I would like to discuss little 12 houses in astrology chart of an individual

1st house is you, yourself physical appearance , personality type

2nd house is speech, communication , food habits , income , family etc

3rd house is short distance travel, younger siblings, temporary hurdles,EFFORTS

4th house mother , property , home happiness , education

5th house predictions , creativity , romance , children , share market , risk

6th house enemies , disease , stomach related issues , efforts , borrowings

7th house business partner , life partner , abroad travel ( exceptional cases ) looks n features of spouse

8th house occults science , in-laws , ancestor property , deep research , physical relationships , meditation , 3rd eye , kundalini , healing

9th house higher education , masters , long distance travel , 3rd child ,

10th house status in society , government , education or career , father

11th house  Free will ( we can use it in any direction of interest ) elder brother , social network, gains , income

12th house  abroad, foreign lands, Jail , Imprisonment, asylums , expenses , Fines.

I discussed all houses to explain free will , even though a lot of destiny events are pre-decided still god has gifted all human beings with  free will and it can be exercised in good or bad ways as per our personal choice.

since death is an eternal truth of life and this life is given as a gift and as an indirect test for improving our own potentials.