Monday, 4 January 2016

Almighty God is the ultimate King !!

Hi everyone, 

I give predictions through astrology and blessings of my grandparents, and most of the predictions are going accurate but does it mean I can surpass god and gods presence.

astrology is my personal research and passion for me , I do it as a tool for guidance and predictions. Recently I got intuitions about new individuals through my existing clients by seeing their charts regarding important things in their life and personal relationships and child births in their chart.

But I know the fact that its god's grace that I have this opportunity to look into individual birth charts and their palms and advice about their life path. its beautiful journey towards god and self-realisation.

With the use of astrology, i can only say that god has been too kind and merciful and has helped me learn astrology and helped me predict through intuitions and my grandparents and spirit guides who help me with intuitions to predict events in an individual's life.

I love dearest almighty even more and I am thankful for the kind gift of astrology, numerology, palmistry. God is all knowing and we use astrology as a tool to decode life path.

I completely feel personal that supreme god is one infinite kind, compassionate and generous to all beings.

Love Light & Blessings.

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