Thursday, 14 January 2016

Parivartan yoga

Parivartan yoga in astrology

Exchange of planets 

One of the most commonly seen "yog" or combination in astrology chart or a Lagna. Chart ( divisional chart ) 

General example : 

Let's say there are three apartments in d building 

Apartment 1 owner of apartment 1 is mr a 

Apartment 2 owner of apartment 2 is Ms b

Apartment c owner of apartment c is Mr c 

Now let's create a scenario where a , b, c are not staying in their own house but exchanging homes 

A in apt 2, b in apt 3 and c in apt 1 

Now because the are exchanging houses , this combination of exchange of houses between two or more planets is called parivartan yoga and it's an interesting yoga because in this condition planets act as a team and work in team and archive good results in most of the cases.

Out of every 5 charts, at least  two charts have parivartan yoga in them , also I look at d9 chart and consider the parivartan yoga for d9 chart as well.

Example in my Friends chart Jupiter is in Aquarius ( owner by Saturn )and Saturn is in Scorpio ( owned by Mars )and Mars is sitting in Sagittarius ( owned by Jupiter )

So all three planets are exchanging house with each other and working as a team to achieve results 

Jupiter considered as advisor , teacher etc

Saturn considered as wise old man,  servant , hard work 

Mars considered as a soldier, aggression power , action-oriented army 

Hard work, and action oriented army man will result in many things like a go getter or a perish who uses wisdom of Jupiter with hard work to achieve a result through aggression of a soldier .. Such individuals can decide upon any goal in life and use above energies to reach the goal. 

Many such parivartan yoga's are possible. Through 7 major planets and two nodes of moon Rahu and Ketu as per permutation and combination.

Love light and blessings !!!

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